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5th to 10nd October 2012 Messe Erfurt


Until now participants from54 nations have signed on:

The world’s best chefs will be drawn to Erfurt again. The planning phase for the 24th IKA/Culinary Olympics has already begun.

Chefs’ associations around the world are excited about the German Chefs’ Association’s (VKD) decision to invite the crème de la crème of chefs once... More »

Press releases

Best chefs from Sweden

Erfurt: There is tension in the room, the best chefs from all over the world have gathered together for the awards ceremony, the Olympic victory of the chefs is to be announced. 54 national teams have travelled from all five continents, they have trained for months for this exhibition and there can only be one victor in each discipline. There is Olympic glory for the overall performance of one team. Points can be collected for cold platter presentation and warm cuisine in the Restaurant of Nations. Understandable that every nation only sends the very best representatives of its craft. The masters of every category, the Olympic victory for the best performance goes to Sweden! They deeply impressed both visitors and jurors with their sophisticated miniature works of art in the platter presentation. In the Restaurant of Nations, they wowed with a creation of cauliflower and broccoli terrine and mousseline with “Nordic fire” as a starter, escalating into a main course of red deer saddle in a herby crust and svecia cheese and porcini mushroom duxelles. For their sweet conclusion, they inspired with autumn raspberries and yoghurt meringue and almond cake.

This composition showed them to be completely en trend, as molecular cuisine could only be found in individual components, in comparison to the Culinary Olympics of four years ago. This time, the slogan was "back to the roots". The central focus was healthy cuisine, balanced, containing protein and with somewhat more vegetables. Above all, it had to taste authentic and the components on the plate should range from soft to crispy to foamy. Anyone conjuring this onto their plate was already far ahead of the game - but the aim in 2012 was not just to indulge the taste buds. It also needed to be a feast for the eyes. Natural colours in impressive arrangements for all three courses dominated the plates. “Those who perfectly mastered this composition are moving closer to Olympic victory” - said one of the jurors.

Second place in the Culinary Olympics also went to Northern Europe. The Norwegian national team wowed the jurors.

Even Robert Oppeneder, president of the VKD (German Chef's Association) was deeply impressed, “It was exciting to observe the big emotions. Tears and joy are very closely linked at the Culinary Olympics 2012. The passion of the participants, when they prepared the meals, or the devotion with which the exhibits were prepared: that was an experience. An experience that fills me, as a chef, with pride when I see what our fellow chefs from all over the world have achieved for these Olympics.

For the German national team, Sweden and Norway’s victories were foreseeable. Even before, on the fringes of a press conference, they stated that the Scandinavian teams would be their toughest competitors.

The German team achieved third place at these Olympics in the overall evaluation. They delivered  many outstanding individual performances and achieved gold medals for successful warm cuisine and silver for the platter presentation.

During the entire Culinary Olympics, visitors could be spoiled by the national teams, as the products conjured up by the world’s master chefs in their kitchens were not just reserved for the jurors. Anyone could book 3-course meals. This means this wonderful experience of gastronomy at the absolute highest level is not just restricted to a small, elite circle of connoisseurs. So it is no wonder that the Restaurant of Nations was booked out. In total, 9360 world-class meals were sold and the offerings sold out almost completely with great speed.

As well as the master chefs, the next generation were also given a chance. Apprentices, aged between 18 and 24, can also compete in direct international comparison. The junior national teams get down to work with an enthusiastic zeal, the tension is even stronger, although they have somewhat less routine under the competition conditions. It is quite apparent that the Swedes were agreed about what must be cooked at the Olympics 2012, as the junior national team were also victorious. “This gold was profusely earned!” emphasised one of the jurors on the edge of the award ceremony.

The competitors have to be able to deal with large-scale catering with a restricted budget. Here too, the best team wins Olympic victory. Among other things, the decisive factor is the balance of the order of courses. Anyone who thinks there is no creativity in large-scale catering could be convinced of the contrary at these Olympics.

Sweden was again ahead by a nose in this discipline and the Olympic victory went to Team Sabis.

Independently of the national teams, regional teams could also register to participate and are awarded with the IKA Cup. Individual regions have the opportunity to show off their specialities. The international team of jurors awarded the highest number of points in this category to the Stockholm Culinary Team from Sweden. This regional team astonished with an impressive programme in cold cuisine.

Anyone who had designs on sweet treats at the International Exhibition of Culinary Art/Culinary Olympics found copious amounts of stimulation from the pastry chefs. At the focus of many visitors was the presentation of the sweet works of art, which were so artistically created that visitors of the Inoga trade fair were happy to stay with wide eyes. Torts, friandises, cold and warm desserts, this was the task facing the international pastry teams in order to achieve the highest number of points for Olympic victory - assessed together with the exhibition piece. With their craft, the duo from Sri Lanka wowed not only the visitors but also the strict jurors, enabling them to travel back to their homeland with the coveted title.

There was a completely new competition at the 2012 Culinary Olympics. Vegetable carving in front of the public was an attraction for visitors during the entire exhibition. Ming Tsung Ke from Taiwan impressed with his dexterity and his delicate sense for proportions and colours.


For the military catering, there are somewhat different requirements. The prepared meals should not just give pleasure to the taste buds; the military chefs must also keep their soldiers fit with calorific, tasty meals. For this reason, all the offerings from the military kitchens were tasty and nutritious. Nevertheless, there were differences which could be seen in the overall points. The international team of jurors gave the Swiss team the best evaluations and this Olympic victory goes to the Alpine country.

All in all, the International Exhibition of Culinary Art/Culinary Olympics 2012 in Erfurt was a huge success for international culinary art!


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Faktenblatt / Importent facts (PDF)

Alle Ergebnisse / All final results:


Schlagkräftige Argumente

Die deutsche Nationalmannschaft des VKD bei der IKA/Olympiade der Köche 2012 mit Boxlegende Axel Schulz und den IKA-Sponsoren. Eine Zusammenarbeit, die sich bewährt hat und auch in Zukunft große Erfolge ermöglichen wird.

Excitement is in the air

Marion Walsmann, Ministerin und VKD-Präsident Robert Oppeneder trafen sich auf der Olympiade der Köche und besprachen zukünftige Projekte,

There is hectic hustle and bustle among the junior national team. Everyone’s nerves are on edge, especially on the first day. All the preparations are culminating in the presentation. The tension of the junior chefs is visible, the German junior national team are putting up a good fight. With tunnel vision, they must switch off from everything around them. It is not just the strict jurors who are present and watching the kitchen and plates. The public can also observe every movement from behind glass. The creation alone is not the only aspect that matters. The composition must also be completed in the required time. The three additional calls for “beetroot” become almost a cry for help, as the waitresses are standing by and have to wait. Nevertheless, the waiting times are short, the finishing is coordinated with professional calming of their inner tension. All the teams have been busy in the kitchens since the early hours, but they must make sure their concentration does not wane. It is much the same in the kitchen of the Indian junior national team. However, as well as the tension caused by the public and jury,  their task is made more difficult because they are being observed by a number of press representatives as this is the first time the Indian team has competed in the International Exhibition of Culinary Art/Culinary Olympics. The team captain, Raj Mandal put the team together for this event, personally selecting the members of the team. They are all between 17 and 22 years old and all come from the "UK". However, he confirms that their parents were all born in India. Raj Mandal announces that the menu will be "Indian food with English style" and is confident that it will wow the guests and jury. The satisfied faces of the guests seem to confirm this.

Foto: VKD/Wolf

Paul Bocuse receives Lifetime Chef Award

VKD honours the chef of the century from Lyon at the Culinary Olympics

Erfurt/Frankfurt: "His job is both his calling and his lifeblood"., stated Robert
 Oppeneder, President of the German Chefs Association (VKD).
It was therefore quickly decided upon to award the Lifetime Chef Award 2012 to Paul
Bocuse, master of the culinary arts, at the IKA Culinary Olympics in Erfurt.
Since the 86-year old maître only leaves his home under exceptional circumstances, a small VKD delegation travelled to Lyon in the summer and honoured Mr. Bocuse at his headquarters, the restaurant L'Auberge du Pont de Collognes. In attendance was Bocuse's student and VKD member Eckart Witzigmann, who was impressed that his teacher and role model Paul Bocuse was "still intensively taking part in cooking events".

Chef of the century, Paul Bocuse, who has held three Michelin stars since 1965, said his thanks amidst the enthusiasm of some 1,000 guests at the opening ceremony of the 23rd annual IKA Culinary Olympics. Paul Bocuse was very pleased with his award and wished all chefs the best of luck in the Culinary Olympics.

"This award reflects the respect and appreciation that our 12,000 VKD members have for the French master chef," said Robert Oppeneder in his congratulatory speech. "Generations of chefs can draw inspiration from Bocuse's work, and for that we are grateful."

The highest award presented by the German Chefs Association (VKD), is awarded every four years at the IKA Culinary Olympics. In 2008, the first glass trophy went to VKD-Honorary President Joseph König.
Traditionally, the IKA Culinary Olympics opens the evening before competitions begin, with the parade of nations, a show, and the lighting of the culinary fire. 54 nations and around 2,000 chefs took part in the world's biggest cooking event in Erfurt this year.

Splendour and Emotions at the Parade of the Nations

The International Exhibition of Culinary Art/Culinary Olympics 2012 began punctually at 17:00 with the Parade of the Nations. Over 150 press representatives from all over the world reported on the brilliant opening ceremony, during which more than 1000 chefs flew their flags. Erfurt is basking in the glow of this international event, which sees 54 nations represented by their best chefs. Led by the children from the Erfurt Trachtengruppe, a group celebrating traditional dress, the chefs proceeded gradually into the hall until a white sea of chef’s hats bestowed a unique, atmospheric light on the room. As is tradition, the German teams ended the Parade. The patroness and Minister-President of Thuringia Christine Lieberknecht welcomed the guild of chefs as well as Mayor Andreas Bausewein.

The first highlight of this year’s International Exhibition of Culinary Art/Culinary Olympics was President Oppeneder’s presentation of the highest award of the association: the Life Chief Award. In 2012, it went to Chef of the Century Paul Bocuse, who has enthused and, above all, inspired whole generations of chefs with his culinary skills. Bocuse gave thanks for this honour in a video message.

After a spectacular laser and drum show, all the guests looked excitedly to the Olympic Flame that was lit by Thuringia’s Olympic champion Kristina Vogel. President Robert Oppeneder declared the Culinary Olympics 2012 open with the sentence, "Die Olympiade der Köche 2012 ist eröffnet!", opening the kitchens for the greatest culinary exhibition in the world!

WACS-President Gissur Gudmundsson and VKD-President Robert Oppeneder welcome the participants
Christine Lieberknecht, Prime Minister of Thuringia and patron of the 23. IKA/Culinary Olympics looking forward to see all the fantastic menues
Olympic-winner Kristian Vogel ignite the Olympic flame

Enthralling numbers

Overall number of competitors:    1,320 cooks
Total accompanying persons for support on the competition days:    approx.1,800 cooks
Cutlery in the restaurants:    9,360 pieces
Porcelain:    more than 10,000 pieces
Napkins:    approx. 12,900
Menu cards for the 4 days of competition:     9,810
Approximate quantities used during the competition:
Eggs:    20,000
Meat:    1,000 kg
Fish:    1,200 kg
Potatoes:    700 kg
Vegetables:    4,600 kg
Cream/milk:    2,500 l
Sugar:    140 kg
Salt:    100 kg
Spices:    80 kg

A strong network for success

Our volunteer helpers are the “true angles” of the Culinary Olympics. The VKD members’ relentless commitment ensures that the event goes smoothly. For over a year now, they have been planning and coordinating everything in close cooperation with the VKD’s head office in Frankfurt and fairgrounds “Messe Erfurt”. It is hard to believe what the VKD members have been able to achieve and implement so far. It requires quite some energy to organise an event such as the IKA, which relies primarily on the help of volunteers, while guaranteeing the participants brilliant culinary games. For quite some time, more than 75 VKD members have given up all of their leisure time in dedication to the organisation of the IKA/Culinary Olympics. This commitment deserves the highest degree of respect.

Gastgeber Deutschland

Deutschland geht bei der IKA mit der Nationalmannschaft der Köche Deutschlands, der Jugendnationalmannschaft, einer Bundeswehrmannschaft, 1 Patissierteam, 4 Teams beim GV-Award Wettbewerb (Gemeinschaftsverpflegung), 5 Mannschaften bei den Regionalwettbewerben, 4 Teilnehmer beim Gemüseschnitzen live und 29 Einzelausstellern an den Start.

Vor der Kochkunst steht das Training: Sie haben alle das gleiche Ziel: Titel und Medaillen. Doch vor dem Ruhm steht harte Arbeit. Die Mannschaften haben in den letzten Monaten und Wochen ein extrem straffes Trainingsprogramm durchlaufen, um sich unter der Elite der Köche in Erfurt behaupten zu können. Die deutsche Nationalmannschaft übte ihr warmes und kaltes Programm in Erfurt und in Berlin. Die Jugend-nationalmannschaft hat ihr Trainingscamp bei Nestlé Professional aufgeschlagen und die deutsche Koch-Nationalmannschaft der Bundeswehr steht mal in Mainz, mal in Plön und auch in Erfurt am Herd. Fast immer laden sich die Teams Kollegen für die Bewertung und zur konstruktiven Kritik ein. Zur feierlichen Siegerehrung am 10.10.2012 zeigt sich, wie die deutsche Mannschaft im Wettkampf um die Punkte abgeschnitten hat.

Unsere Top-Köche an der IKA …
Deutsche Nationalmannschaft: Teamkapitän Matthias Kleber: Seehotel Fontane Neuruppin; Teammanager Rainer Werchner: Geschäftsführer Gewürzwerk Hermann Laue GmbH- Hela/Österreich; Carsten Voigt: Renaissance Hotel Köln; Sebastian Pfefferlein: IFA Wellness Hafendorf Hotel Rheinsberg; Katrin Vetter: Steinheuers Restaurant "Zur Alten Post", Bad Neuenahr; Manuel Götze: Party-Complett-Service, Mittenwalde; Tobias Laabs: Bundeswehr, Arnulf Kaserne, Bayern; Carsten Pfefferlein: Haus Rheinsberg "Hotel am See"; Susanne DeOcampo-Herrmann: Hotel Berlin, Berlin; Gina Geigenmüller: Romantik Hotel Gasthaus Rottner, Nürnberg;
Patissiers: Benjamin Hormann: Hotel Schweizer Hof, Bern/CH; Nicole Beckmann:  Lehrtätigkeit im DCT University Vitznau/CH; Stephan Gefrom: Grand Hotel Bellevue, Gstaad/CH

Deutsche Jugendnationalmannschaft:
Teamkapitän Max Zibis: Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank, Frankfurt am Main; Stefan Dobrecht: Wöhrdersee Hotel Mercure; Nürnberg, Julia Komp: TÜV Rheinland, Köln; Paul Emde: VaiVai, Frankfurt;  David Welski: Le Meridien, München; Carsten Herrmann: Congress Hotel Mercure, Nürnberg; Julian Scheibel: L'Arrivée Hotel & Spa, Dortmund; Daniela Weiß: Atrium Hotel, Mainz; Niclas Ohrmann: Goldmann Restaurant, Frankfurt.
Als Teammanager begleiten die jungen Talente: Markus Wolf (Bergiusschule, Frankfurt) und René Weiser (Berufliche Schule des Wetteraukreises, Butzbach).

Deutsche Nationalmannschaft der Bundeswehr:
Teamkapitän Patrick Stoye, Nils Vollmer,  Marcel Harms, Arne Bardella, Kevin Haberland, Marco Perlt, Pascal Wahlich, Thomas Kucharski,
Tobias Heinen, Moritz Macke, Stefan Hilpert
Trainer und Betreuer: Detlef Eckl, Thilo von Taczala- Gierszewski

Deutsche Regionalmannschaften:
Köche Team Bayern unter der Leitung von Michaela Froehler; Euroturk Chefs unter der Leitung von Cengiz Güngör; Regionalmannschaft Niedersachsen unter der Leitung von Torsten Maletti; Berlin-Brandenburg unter der Leitung von Marina Tucholsky, Meistervereinigung Gastronom Baden-Württemberg unter der Leitung von Alexander Munz

Deutsches Patisserie-Team: Johannes Futsch, Hotel Dom Cologne, Köln; Benjamin Göpel, Insel Mainau-Gastronomie, Bodensee

Deutsche GV-Teams:

THW Trossingen mit Stefan Jung, Bernhard de Groot, Simon de Groot, Fabian Ziegler
L&D Team Berlin-Brandenburg mit Heiko Becker, Robert Arlt, Margrt Witschelzky, Carola Bartelt-Lieder
Partyservice Gentscher mit Kostadinov Gentscher, Martin Freiberger, Rosina Ecker, Samuel Rosendahl
Klinik Löwenstein mit Otto Vogelmann



Attractive networking opportunities amongst colleagues in Hall

Culinary variety at the joint stand of the VKD’s Federal Association: For the third time, the VKD’s Federal Associations will present themselves at the IKA while offering different local specialties and music from various German regions and a sociable atmosphere. Find out what a Töttchen from the Münsterland or a Döppekochen from North Rhine Westphalia tastes like; and learn more about scheduled activities, promotion of career opportunities for young people and the get-togethers within VKD’s strong Federal Associations.




Central Germany     

North Rhine Westphalia   




The Culinary Summit

Starting Friday, Erfurt has exciting events in store for! It will be worthwhile for any culinary professional to make the trip to Thuringia and dive into the world of culinary finesse and specialty know-how. While the IKA/Culinary Olympics have been a renowned platform for culinary competitions, they have been equally famous as an event for promoting and helping to maintain international friendships ever since its creation in 1900. Anyone who has ever participated or visited this mega event, can understand the unique magic that is present during these days. For many decades, the members of the German Chefs’ Association (VKD) have been proudly and enthusiastically organising these competi¬tions in the world’s most significant culinary arena for both professional and amateur chefs alike.

IKA Organiser: Verband der Köche Deutschlands e.V. (VKD – German Chefs Association), Steinle-straße 32, 60596 Frankfurt/Main,,,

Robert Oppeneder: President of the German Chefs’ Association (VKD), Patissier, Owner of “Sweet Art”, Munich,

Axel Schulz—Our Heavy Weight Champion IKA Advocate

Axel Schulz—Our Heavy Weight Champion IKA Advocate
On Tuesday, 9 October, boxing legend Axel Schulz, who took on IKA’s patronage last year and has been working for the Culinary Olympics’ sponsor and supplier Fackelmanns FM Professional, will be a guest at the stand of the Federal Chefs’ Associations. Axel Schulz is known as an enthusiastic amateur chef and is looking forward to learning a lot from the professionals. With his down-to-earth, cordial attitude, it surely won’t take him long to feel at home in the chefs’ world.

A warm welcome

Guatemala and India are sending their Junior National Culinary Teams to the IKA for the very first time. Mexico is also participating with a National Culinary Team for the first time – the team participated as a Junior National Culinary Team in 2008. There is a growing interest from various former Soviet Republics. In addition, there will be individual exhibitors from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Großes Medienecho bei Testtraining des Deutschen Nationalteams


Die Spannung war groß – bei der Deutschen Nationalmannschaft wie auch bei den Gästen. Zum ersten Mal präsentierte die deutsche Equipe ihr Olympiade-Menü unterden strengen Wettkampfregeln. Mit Bravour meisterten die Köchinnen und Köche um Teamchef Matthias Kleber ihre Aufgabe. Pünktlich und perfekt präsentierte die deutsche Hoffnung auf einen kulinarischen Olympia-Sieg den Gästen im Erfurter Kaisersaal ein Drei-Gang-Menü der Spitzenklasse.

Rund 80 Gastronomen und Leiter von Institution aus Thüringen wurden vom VKD zu diesem exklusiven Probetraining eingeladen. Es war ein kulinarisches Dankeschön für die Bereitschaft Zimmer wie auch Vorbereitungsküchen für die IKA -Teilnehmer zur Verfügung zu stellen. „Sie geben den Köchen der Welt ein Zuhause und nehmen sie auf wie ein Familienmitglied“, lobte VKD-Vizepräsident Johann Grassmugg das Engagement der Thüringer Hospitality.

Doch nicht nur die Gäste waren vom kulinarischen Ergebnis überzeugt, auch zahlreiche Medienvertreter zeigten sich von der Performance der deutschen Kochkünstler beeindruckt. Um die Mittagszeit herrschte in der Küche des Erfurter Kaisersaals dichtes Gedränge von Fotografen, Reportern und Kameraleuten zwischen Köchen und Kellnern um die besten Szenen ablichten zu können. Carsten Voigt, Sebastian, Pfefferlein, Katrin Vetter, Tobias Laabs und Patissier Benjamin Hormann blieben im größten Blitzlichtgewitter ruhig und achteten beim Anrichten auf das winzigste Detail.

Im Rahmen der Menü-Premiere des deutschen Teams erhielt Messechef Wieland Kniffka vom Teammanager Rainer Werchner und Matthias Kleber eine Kochjacke der deutschen Nationalmannschaft und wurde zum Ehrenmitglied ernannt. Hobbykoch Wieland Kniffka freute sich sehr über die Auszeichnung.

Sichtbare Partnerschaft

Ohne Sponsoren bliebe die Küche kalt. Sie stellen u.a. für die kulinarischen Olympioniken modernste Technik, High-Tech-Geräte, Tischausstattungen, Reinigungsmittel und Lebensmittel zur Verfügung. Um das Engagement für die weiße Zunft und die älteste Kochkunstschau der Welt sichtbar machen zu können, ernennt der VKD seine IKA –Partner zu offiziellen Ausstattern. Mit einem eigenen Logo in roter Farbe dürfen die Firmen auf ihren Produkten, in Anzeigen oder bei offiziellen Auftritten für ihre Kooperation mit der IKA/Olympiade der Köche 2012 werben.  

Culinary art instead of decoration

National Teams
Junior National Teams

The culinary teams from all over the world must prove their skills in both the art of preparation and presentation.  In the past, the competing teams were provided with tables decorated with floor-length skirtings and a surface cover for the show platters.  The individual teams used to be in charge of all other decorative elements.

As a result, the teams incurred excessive costs for – in some cases – very expensive and elaborate decorative elements and transportation.  Depending on travel distance and size, it was virtually impossible for some teams to afford this.  The 2012 edition of the IKA/World Culinary Olympics is focused completely on economic viability and equal opportunity.  Starting in 2012, the teams will present their culinary creations – after all, this is the main purpose of the event – on a pre-defined table surface. They will have altogether 12sqm upon which to present the platters, i.e. a 3 x 4m sized table.  The centre of the table will be decorated with the IKA logo – a splash of colour sized 150 x 50cm.

In addition to the neutral tables, the German Chefs’ Association will provide the teams with an appropriate illumination. The teams no longer have to invest in expensive decorative elements: for the first time, they will be able to travel lightly to the next international culinary exhibition.  Exceptions will be permitted only for the show platters of the regional teams, individual teams and military teams.

Signed, sealed and delivered

VKD-Vizepräsident Johann Grassmugg, Rational Area Vice President Michael Fuchs, VKD-Präsident Robert Oppeneder, VKd-Geschäftsführerin Dr. Diane Bingel

Landsberg, October 2011 – Now it is perfect: RATIONAL will be the official equipment supplier for the 2012 IKA / Culinary Olympics in Erfurt for the cooking competitions between corporate catering teams.

On 5 October 2011, Area Vice President RATIONAL, Michael Fuchs, Robert Oppeneder, President of the German Chefs’ Association (VKD), and Johann Grassmugg, VKD Vice-President, signed the contractual agreements in Erfurt. Immediately after the atmospheric draw ceremony for the 2012 IKA/Culinary Olympics on 5 October 2011, the German Chefs’ Association (VKD) and RATIONAL AG sealed the deal on their partnership for the world’s largest culinary arts event in the ballroom at Erfurt Town Hall.

RATIONAL will equip the competing chefs for the corporate catering teams, the military national teams and the patisserie artistes with a world innovation – no fewer than 16 SelfCooking Center® whitefficiency® units. This latest innovation from the company will create outstanding conditions in which the cooking Olympians will compete. “We are delighted to have concluded this agreement right at the start of the hot preparation phase for the competitions,” says VKD President, Robert Oppeneder. “It gives us as event organisers the security of being able to offer the teams at the Olympics the best chances and opportunities.”
“For our high performing company, this agreement is both a great pleasure and a massive incentive,” commented Area Vice President RATIONAL Michael Fuchs about the agreements with the chefs’ association. “We are very pleased to have the opportunity to equip these competitions as, for the teams, the performance of the equipment is important, in addition to flexibility and ease of use. At next year's Culinary Olympics in Erfurt, the world's best chefs from over 50 nations will demonstrate their culinary abilities in a wide range of categories and will compete for gold, silver and bronze.

Kick-off of the World Culinary Olympics with the German Team

Johann Grassmugg, Karl Haaf, Robert Oppeneder, Axel Schulz, Andreas Rohde und Andreas Becker are looking forward to the IKA/Culinary Olympics 2012 in Erfurt.

Successful kick-off event for the IKA/World Culinary Olympics: the draw of the competition days was a moment of great suspense for the chefs, sponsors and partners of the World Culinary Olympics. Axel Schulz, the event’s champion advocate, mastered his task with flying colours.

“For us, there simply couldn’t have been a better outcome”, stated Matthias Kleber, Head of the German National Culinary Team with a broad smile on his face at the end of the draw of the competition days during the upcoming 2012 IKA/World Culinary Olympics in Erfurt.  “I was hoping our team would be picked to compete in the show platter competition on the second to last day of the contest.”  And there is a good chance for Matthias Kleber and his team to present his show pieces and show platters two days after the hot kitchen contest, on 8 October 2012, at the exhibition halls in Erfurt.

The German Junior National Team will also do its very best on these two days.  As fate would have it, the two German teams were drawn to participate in the competition on the same days.  Robert Oppeneder, the President of the German Chefs’ Association (VKD), coolly accepted the result and stated: “As hosts of the world’s most important culinary exhibition, we will set standards right from the beginning.”  At the same time as the German National Culinary Teams, the teams from Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, New Zealand, Slovakia, Turkey and Wales will wield their wooden spoons.  Competing in the discipline hot kitchen, the German Military National Culinary Team will complete the extensive ranks of chefs on the last day of the competition.  As far as the competition for the GV-Award is concerned, the “black, red and golden” flag will appear more or less on a daily basis.

Precisely one year before the start of the IKA/World Culinary Olympics, the official draw of the competition days was held at Erfurt City Hall.  The determination of which teams would be competing behind their respective stoves at which times was left in the hands of Germany’s boxing legend, Axel Schulz. He was in charge of drawing a total of 84 times to establish the exact sequence of the competition days for the National Culinary Teams, the Junior National Culinary Teams, the Military Culinary Teams and the Community Catering Teams competing for the international GV-Award.  Fortunately for him, he was offered Royal assistance by the Rhine Hessian Wine Princess Lisa Schäfer and Thuringia’s Christmas Stollen Queen Patricia Kallenbach, as all three have jointly taken on the patronage of the biggest and longest-running exhibition of culinary art in the world – the IKA/World Culinary Olympics, which will be held in Erfurt from 5 to 10 October 2012.  After a little more than two hours, the starting list was complete; and Axel Schulz confessed to the specialist audience that he is an enthusiastic amateur chef and enjoys experimenting with spices.

For the first time in the history of the IKA/World Culinary Olympics, the German Chefs’ Association (VKD) organised an official draw.  Robert Oppeneder and his executive committee were amazed at the interest it generated.  In addition to the chefs from various countries, such as Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Luxemburg, Norway, Sweden and the USA, the event was attended by sponsors and the media.  Erfurt’s mayor, Andreas Bausewein welcomed the international and national Culinary Art fans who travelled from near and far to be at the event.  He is looking as much forward to the start of the culinary contest as the President of the World Association, Gissur Gudmundsson, who revealed: “I can hardly wait to be back in Erfurt.”

The IKA/World Culinary Olympics are known for setting innovative trends and benchmarks.  In keeping with this tradition, the German Chefs’ Association, will also present numerous inspiring new ideas in 2012.  Two main changes were already announced on the day of the draw: Jan Gerlach, Regional Director of Customer Target Group Management HoReCa at Metro Cash & Carry Germany, outlined the new cooperation between the VKD and his company.  The Düsseldorf-based corporation with its extensive know-how will be in charge of providing the chefs who participate in the IKA/World Culinary Olympics with food items from all over the world.  The fresh and high-quality food items will be available at the Metro Cash & Carry wholesale market in Erfurt.  “Thanks to this professional, comprehensive and uncomplicated support, the chefs will be able to concentrate entirely on a successful culinary contest”, said Robert Oppeneder, President of the VKD, as he thanked his premium sponsor.

Another premiere awaited the guests after the draw in the Emperor’s Hall in Erfurt, where they were treated to a gourmet menu prepared by the German National Culinary Team.  In addition, this affable ambiance served as a backdrop for the unveiling of the exhibition table for the show platters that will be used for the Junior National and National Culinary Teams.  For the very first time in a culinary exhibition, a specific table with matching lighting equipment will be provided for the teams.  Consequently, there is no need for costly decorative elements.  This means that, for the very first time, the teams will be able to travel lightly to the international competition.  VKD President, Robert Oppeneder, and his Executive Committee were highly satisfied with the kick-off event for the Olympic year.  “Erfurt has long been our culinary home.  The hospitality shown to the chefs from all over the world is simply overwhelming in this region.”


Culinary Olympians

It may well be that already back in 1900, sportsman-like ambition was the driving force behind the launch of the first International Exhibition of Culinary Art (IKA). At any rate, the IKA has been the Mother of all exhibitions of culinary art ever since.  It is the oldest and also biggest exhibition of its kind in the world, and owes its tremendous prestige to the ambitions of its participants that deliver top performances every time.

Unlike in sports, the aim is not to achieve superlatives in speed, height or distance.  Good taste is the key to success in this Olympic discipline – paired, of course, with precision, time management and the art of presentation, as who could possibly enjoy a hot dessert if it was served cold or before the main course?

This show, which started as a presentation of traditional and modern culinary art, was virtually bound to evolve into a contest.  The chefs’ team spirit was awakened and almost instantly, national teams were formed who developed an appetite for a peaceful competition.
With approximately 8,000 sqm of exhibition space, the IKA instilled a certain degree of awe right from the outset in 1905. Over the years, the presentation options were further refined and adapted to the challenges and requirements of the chefs.  The mastermind behind the IKA/World Culinary Olympics is the VKD, the German Chefs’ Association: it has been at the helm of organising this culinary exhibition and ensuring its spectacular success.
These days, the IKA/Culinary Olympics, attract more than 40 nations (2008) and well over 1,200 participants.

Consequently, it comes as no surprise that securing a place on the winners’ podium of culinary artists is as sought after as in the sports disciplines.
After all, these Olympic contestants are true all-round artists: they require great practical skills, must be able to succeed as a team, prove their management skills and – last, but definitely not least – display their formidable creativity.  In other words: they are chefs.  True master chefs.

Invitation to Erfurt

Invitation Card

In the coming days cooks, chefs and friends of the culinary family will receive a special invitation. The German Chefs Association (VKD) is inviting to the draw of the National Culinary Teams for the competition days of the IKA /Culinary Olympics, on the 5th of October 2011.

Which team is cooking on what day? Which nations will compete against each other? The draw will decide!

Team managers, team leaders, the partners and sponsors of the largest cooking show in the world as well as political and business guests will be a part of the draw, to be held in the stylish ambience of the historic Ballroom of the Town Hall in Erfurt.

Afterwards, the National Culinary Team of Germany will surprise guests with a three course gourmet menu in the Imperial Hall in Erfurt.

The German Chefs Association is proud to present a new and modern procedure for the competition  and is showing for the first time
the new table for the cold platters display.


Axel Schulz and the next Culinary Olympics

Robert Oppeneder and Axel Schulz are looking forward to the Culinary Olympics 2012.

Frankfurt, 26 September 2011 – In an intimate circle, Germany’s boxing legend Axel Schulz confessed to Robert Oppeneder, President of the Germany Chefs’ Association (VKD), that he “has a strong affinity for cooking and chefs”.  This statement led to the natural conclusion of using a strong athlete’s credo for the next IKA/World Culinary Olympics.  On 5 October 2011, Axel Schulz will be in charge of the drawing, as the competition day for each of the national culinary teams will be drawn in the “Rathausfestsaal”, the ceremony room at the Erfurt City Hall. 

The anticipation levels are rising ahead of the drawing.  Many teams will even travel to Erfurt to get first hand information about which of the national teams will be competing on which day.  The results are eagerly awaited, not only from the 32 national culinary teams and 32 junior national culinary teams, but also by the 16 community catering teams that will compete for the GV-Award.  The drawing focuses exclusively on the royal discipline, i.e. on the “hot kitchen”. 

Axel Schulz will be royally assisted by the “Christmas Stollen Queen” Sandra I. and the “Rheinhessen Wine princess” Lisa Schäfer, as they have jointly taken on the patronage of the biggest and longest-running exhibition of culinary art in the world – the IKA/World Culinary Olympics, which will be held in Erfurt from 5 to 10 October 2012.

Regarding the discipline “show platters”, the teams will have to bear with the IKA/World Culinary Olympics organisers just a little longer until they will publish the results.  The former professional boxer Axel Schulz is greatly looking forward to the 2012 Olympics in Erfurt.  As a passionate hobby chef, he will be able to learn a lot from these master chefs.  Together with his sponsor and supplier Fackelmann, Hersbruck, Axel produces the kids’ cooking website “Kochen kinderleicht” (cooking – a mere child’s play).  Consequently, new culinary inspiration is more than welcome. Fackelmann offers domestic and foreign chefs an extensive range of special goods for professionals under the name FMprofessionel.

Swedish chefs make a flying stop in Erfurt

From left to right: Joachim Mueller, Kurt Weid (Team Manager of the Swedish community catering team and President of the Swedish Chefs' Association), Niklas Edgren, Jürgen Mogge (sous-chef at Hotel Tanne, Ilmenau); Source: Messe Erfurt

Erfurt, 24 August 2011. The first hint of the international cooking aroma wafted through the corridors of Erfurt trade fair centre. Three representatives of the Swedish community catering team visited Erfurt trade fair centre last week in preparation for the IKA/Culinary Olympics, which will take place in 2012 in association with the inoga trade fair for the hotel, catering and hospitality sector.

After the team manager of the community catering team, Kurt Weid, who is also President of the Swedish Chef's Association had sorted out accommodation, along with test kitchen, for 2012 for himself and his two chefs Joachim Mueller and Niklas Edgren at Hotel Tanne in Ilmenau, he moved straight on to the next important question: how long will it take us to get from our accommodation to Erfurt trade fair centre? Because from 5 – 10 October 2012 it will be the venue for the 23rd IKA/Culinary Olympics and no chef will want to arrive late. Teams can still register up to 30 September 2011, before the competition stages in cold and warm cuisine are drawn for the national and national youth teams in Erfurt town hall ballroom on 5 October 2011.

This is the third consecutive time that the international culinary exhibition, which is better known to most chefs as IKA for short or the "Culinary Olympics", is taking place in Erfurt. 45 nations from all over the world will compete at this professional competition with the hope of being crowned the 2012 champion in Erfurt. IKA was first held in 1900 in Frankfurt am Main and takes place every four years as the largest and most traditional culinary fair.

Aktuelle Informationen:

Patron is promoting for the IKA/Culinary Olympics

The Minister President of Thuringia Christine Lieberknecht at OTZ-celebrity cooking

The IKA / Culinary Olympics will be held from 5 to 10 October 2012 in Erfurt. Teams from around the world follow the German Chefs Associations’ invitation. At this culinary event, the cooking elite demonstrate its skills for the general public.

Therefore, the exhibition halls of the fair Erfurt will become giant kitchens, culinary art and gourmet temples. Christine Lieberknecht agreed to become patron for this major event of hospitality.

At the East-Thuringia newspaper (OTZ) - celebrity cooking, which took place at the studio kitchen Schwarzbach, Kellers Ziegelei 20 in Gera, the Minister President together with chefs from central Germany did the cooking and showed typical Thuringia dishes on the plates. Together with Dr. Diane Bingel, Managing Director German Chefs Association (VKD), who specially arrived from Frankfurt / Main, Günter Petzold, Honorary Senator VKD and Gerhard Dittrich from the regional Chefs Club Gera and Christine Lieberknecht, Minister President of Thuringia, promoted the upcoming International Culinary Art Exhibition – IKA/Culinary Olympics in the City of Erfurt.


MKN is Exclusive Partner of the IKA/Culinary Olympics 2012

Seal the exclusive partnership: From left: Andreas Rohde (VKD Vice President), Georg Weber (MKN Managing Director), Robert Oppeneder (VKD President)

Hamburg, 20.03.2011:
Signing of the contract at the fair INTERNORGA

It is now official: all National and Junior National Teams at the IKA/Culinary Olympics 2012 in Erfurt, Germany will be competing for medals using professional cooking technology from MKN. VKD President Robert Oppeneder and MKN Managing Director Georg Weber sealed this exclusive partnership at the Internorga. Ranging from innovative HansDampf combisteamers to groundbreaking induction, MKN professional cooking technology will be in use at the world’s largest cooking event. Everyone involved is already looking forward to top performances and successful Olympics.

IKA-Richtlinien ausgegeben

Robert Oppeneder

Luxembourg; 22nd November 2010:
The German Chefs Association issued guidelines and rules for the Culinary Olympics 2012 during the WM in Luxembourg

The German Chefs Association issued the guidelines and rules for the upcoming Top-competition at the WM – Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup – in Luxembourg to the international chefs elite. At the festive IKA Welcome Rendezvous at 22nd November during the EXPOGAST, general guidelines and rules for individuals for the IKA / Culinary Olympics, which will be held from 5th to 10th October 2012 in Erfurt, were given to the international Chefs Associations. The guidelines for teams follow as an online version. With a bilingual video message the prime minister of the Free State of Thuringia, Christine Lieberknecht, invites all chefs and pastry chefs from around the world to be part of this highlight in Erfurt. Christiane Lieberknecht is the patron for the IKA 2012.

Erfurt: Host of the IKA / Culinary Olympics 2012

Kocholympiade in Erfurt

The German Chefs Association appoints Messe Erfurt GmbH as the host venue of the biggest skilled-cooking contest in the world


The world-elite of the chefs meet from 5th to 10th October 2012 in Erfurt for the biggest international culinary art exhibition – the IKA / Culinary Olympics. The German Chefs Association, organizer of the competitions, appoints Messe Erfurt GmbH to the host venue of the 23rd edition of this prestigious culinary event.